Proclamation - EP

by Rampancy

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Scorched earth in our wake Nothing to halt the advancing armies One step to total fulfillment of duty and valour I am the candle that no longer burns I am the artist who no longer dreams Licking my wounds, the price of my failure I am the lion who no longer sleeps Application of deadly poisons Expropriation of wealth and honour I am the candle that no longer burns The bishop, the faith, he no longer prays Cutting his throat removing the tongue I am the hangman and I am his god
Bringers of death to sub-human scum Collapsing the bloodline and beginning anew New world builds on the old ones Nature fills voids of humans New world builds, boots go marching Black flags will be the last that we burn Revolutionary forces, commanding the kills Machine guns are drawn, pistols are idling Never to be taken alive Threats of termination Extermination, indoctrination Sending us to the gas vans Painting the walls Prussian Blue There's too much at stake to remain passive To submit your aggression to reform and peace False impression We must remain violent, dangerous, unwavering Wherever they breed, we will be the coat hangers Preventing those who survived the last extinction event from breeding any further Join resistance or join your kin of no courage That lay in unmarked graves across the world
New Mecca 06:13
When the east breathes fire on the west The scourge of capital declines A century of ensuring decay Driving the weight of the white hot iron Fire and fury, Death and hatred The scourge of capital declines Collectivized global markets decline Ensures the completion of parasite removal Nagasaki pilgrimage Prayer towards Hiroshima Holy ground zero New Makkah When the west drops bombs on the east The turning of the sun complete A century of global collapse Extremist militias emerging from the dark Nagasaki pilgrimage Prayer towards Hiroshima Holy ground zero New Makkah Fukushima observation Chernobyl examination The golden New Makkah
Crippling rump state, traitors will hang Crippling hegemony, traitors will hang Crippling Supremacy, traitors will hang Crippling patriots, our day of the rope Imperial war machine drunk on it's fear Seeds of dissent awaiting to bloom The ultra religious, traitors we hang Backwater inbred, traitors we hang Crippling their base, traitors we hang Crippling patriots, screaming in pain Imperial war machine drunk on it's fear Seeds of dissent awaiting to bloom Violent retaking of what we were promised Violence breaking the chains of enslavement We succumb to nature's gift Primal instincts and devotion to cause Burning of their homes, of their beds, of their dirty existence
Black Gold 03:52
Selling souls for black gold Selling lives for blue flies Storm through the forest defence Breaching the lines of criminal intent You'll pay with your life, at once we will take Discarding your body into the lake Burning through the protest lines Shining floodlights into their eyes The humour is dark and our weapons are cruel They will bomb all your projects to make you the fool


"Proclamation" is the first release to come of backlogged sessions from 2017 and onwards. Originally intended for a split that never manifested, I am releasing these songs as they are and will not be recording them again in the future as that would be unnecessary. Thematically continues with topics of violence and revolution, they are a direct follow up to the writing done around the time of 'The Sublime Conquest'.

As I push forward with releasing this backlogged material, I intend to reflect on where this project is going and subsequently release my next album which has neared completion. A lot has changed from 2017 and onward, namely a series of life decisions which has pulled me away from the cycles of writing/recording that I was accustomed to. As capitalist crisis deepens, priorities shift and as such it is difficult to predict when I can begin writing again but for now I have enough material to satisfy.

Due to COVID19 system malfunctions, there will be no physical releases of this in the near future if we make it out.


released March 25, 2020

Count Oculus - Drums, Guitars, Vocals, Lyrics, Engineering/Mixing


all rights reserved



Rampancy London, Ontario

"Every society you build will have its fringes, and on the fringes
of every society, heroic and restless vagabonds will wander, with
their wild and virgin thoughts, only able to live by preparing ever
new and terrible outbreaks of rebellion!"


Formerly Anti-Freeze (2009-2016)

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