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The Sublime Conquest of Nothing

by Rampancy

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Martyr division, honour and blood Season of the plague Nest of shame, repeated punishment The ancient art of struggle Scalding boils and scars Bathing in the blood of their brothers A death march for survivors Burning cadaver pits Undo the order and align the walls Prisoners marched in droves Sterilization, chemical abuse Desecration rites Ash for ash Dust for dust Blood for blood Not one inch back... Cursing our bloodlines Assuming they had control, We would not repent We only expect the same Shovel the bodies remove the gold Dental anesthetic Sterilized skin, removing the brain Mongrel taxidermy Bleeding wounds and fissures A pyramid of heads Sons of a thousand years waging criminal warfare Blood for blood…
Rotting carrion Your flesh prison now decays in the mud In your last moments, you prayed for forgiveness. A knife driven into your neck and a hammer to your trachea Your delusions that aspire for a utopia of a race masquerading as hate will be shown for what it is. With nail bombs and bullets your plebeian brothers fall. The wounded plea mercy but will be given no quarter. Hate knows no boundaries, limitless in application For the hate we both share between us bears the truth That we will forever be locked in a war so long as we live Peace is unnatural, uninformed and illadvised We’ll both dig our trenches, we’ll both clean our guns And as the full moon rises, our destiny intertwines Die parasites, Die imbeciles Die clockwork drones Die false prophets Whether your uniform is tan, you will face the judgement from the great nothing For your enemy hides in the shadows and will never be broken down Your comrades will shudder in their holes they willfully dug Like pests we will stomp you out, One by one.
Mass graves unearthed. Conquest at it’s wake. Hot showers of bullets. The struggle for a vindictive cause. And we’ll see that they are neutralized Euphoric cleansing of the brave new world Tribunal expiration date with terror at the flanks Out of the eye’s corner an iron fist indulgence Schadenfreude Our enemies whipped and hung in the streets Dishonour in a six foot pig shit depository No matter the victor, no matter the time Our war is perpetual and justified slaughter Nix the iron cross, slander the great idol Retake what they stole Return the waste to the house of false supremacy Culture hawks and lovers of shame
A disemboweled cadaver lies at the feet The emblem of the fascist torn to shreds Solemn still is the tone set by it’s death Never ending, Never letting go A spear through the heart A body draped in a flag Reduced reused and unrecycled Teach them fear Use the language they speak And never let tradition die For those complicit and those in treachery Your weakness signs a pathetic cause You’re all that I hate and all that I oppose. Further your poison waterfalls And then they will fear the wind before them screaming in the night Their comrades propped on pikes bleeding and shitting themselves dry When the hour will dawn, When the Reichstag burns, Choose your side, the center is failing The center has fallen.
Thy Kingdom 07:39
From the world below, the rats in their cage Will dream of a sky that they've never seen They claw at their brothers, Devour their corpses in accordance to prayers Justified homicide. No exception or exclusion Innate characteristics of justified genocide The war that looms will paint the ground Stain it with red shades and flesh compounds Nothing to answer their prayers The right hand of God will sort out the dead Bones lay material bodies Souls will be pleading and tears will be shed Forgiveness a distant memory of when they were nascent and the sun was still warm From the mountains to the sea From the deserts to the jungles The deity we demand In the end The flames of the sun burn out You pray though death won't come Release your soul to the Astral Sea In the end The sane behave like dogs Power hungry wolves take the throne Yet no one will remember you And the Earth wouldn't cast you in stone.
Besieged 05:35
Lone sentry wolf from the bell tower nest Pleas of the bystanders, symphony of unrest Blood hits the pavement, artist and canvas We're besieged in his walls Black vested soldier, angel of death Knights of the law under Hades holy fire Pain struck his leg, his artery exposed We’re besieged in his walls Like fathers, like sons the men and their vice The thoughts for the day scrambled in noise Like fathers, like sons the men and their vice The thoughts for the day scrambled in noise Two weeks until the final hour passes Two weeks until the his life will be cut For every heart he pierced, for every life he took The king's men prepare the siege Nothing is what it seems. Am I dreaming? Dreaming of violence. Dreaming of silence. The man I’ve become is a disease. A castle in the distance burns like a thousand suns
In the spirit of oppression, the watch tower burns To obscure the time we need The time we took to move mountains we climbed Traitors at the gates conspire for legitimacy You’ve been dead a thousand years yet your ghost still walks I buried you long ago but the courts still summon There’s nothing left of you but bone Remnants and memories. Your ashes on trial If time could be burned, I would light the match I would drag the wicker to where you lay I will march under the black flag I have sown the seeds to my demise I will march under black flags While your ghost still walks I have sown the seeds The seeds to my own demise
Brittle slaves brought to the auction ring Centuries of lashing. The caesar reign. Their chains locked but breaking fast. The days are short with freedom at last The prison gates are eternally ajar and gunfire punishes the family of the czar Seven hundred and sixty one armless and legless corpses will float in hanger ninety six I could have done this I could have stopped this Which is it? Pander to dionnysuius the king Sword of damocles hung above your head The chains are broke and the time has passed The days have gone where reason is cast The prison towers have begun to rot And silence will ring through the mansion of When the emancipated dispose of the enslaver The plantation family’s screams heard for miles Beaten and hung in the dark southern forests To rise again in centuries unfathomed by nostalgia Violence separates the feeble from the herd. Buckshot exorcism of the liberal perversion
There’s a new order on the horizon where traitors are cast into the abyss Spreading the fire to the pages of time when I had nothing to lose The path now split and our horses depart but you insist on return Believing your lies, entrusting my home, the ship has long gone to sail Miles between the traitor and hate yet he persists on return Lifelong jihad against the betrayer With every sword that I’ve swung In the crisis of the century, there is no room for your cloak Hiding your knives behind the castle, the one that was built for yourself A dozen years and you’ll have nothing, Obtaining the chalice myself Hundreds of years and we’ll be nothing, Digging the grave for ourselves
Draining the veins of the brown shirt machine Propaganda painted onto walls with their blood the swine washed away like pests in the garden liberty in shame cries the victim IED’s and Anthrax Mail Nightly raids and sniper nests Ambush and assassinations Beatings with a club A reign of terror to bring Sending the false elite into their shelters
A.F.D.T.D 02:12
New age Christ caravan of utopia and sublime Conquest of nothing a Yearning for nirvana Antichrist symbol of a new dawn, enemies of the sacred Wings red with blood; wings black with death The majestic fire of the sun perpetuates it's feast Leap towards the abyss, uphold a righteous cause Expelling mediocrity, speaking with the dead Free mystic ancient rites to humanity’s bane Your mind is the beacon, your rifle is the pyre All sins will be cleansed, when all fascists die


"The Sublime Conquest Of Nothing" is the fourth album chronologically and the first under the new name Rampancy following up from the 2014 release "Aftermath". Many of these songs are re-envisioned from their past as Anti-Freeze tracks found on other releases and some tracks are entirely new themselves.

Thematically, this album largely deals with topics of violence, hatred, betrayal, and insurrection. The songs expand on previous anarchist topics and declares open hostility towards a collective world enslaved by political machinery and an identity crisis.

Released under the new imprint "Iron Front Productions" [IFP00.] and with Witchcult Records.


released June 9, 2017

Drums, Guitars, Vocals, Songwriting, Lyrics - Oculus Tød

Additional strings on "Thy Kingdom" and assistant engineering provided by Eric Altomonte
Instruments recorded at Castlegrove Studios between October and November 2016.
Vocals recorded at Satan's Cove between December and March 2017

Mixed at Satan's Cove, Mastered at "The Wormhole"


all rights reserved



Rampancy London, Ontario

"Every society you build will have its fringes, and on the fringes
of every society, heroic and restless vagabonds will wander, with
their wild and virgin thoughts, only able to live by preparing ever
new and terrible outbreaks of rebellion!"


Formerly Anti-Freeze (2009-2016)

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