Aftermath - LP

by Anti-Freeze

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niivuk I love this album. Even though it's kinda lofi, it's beautifully crafted with great vocals and harsh guitars. Can't get enough of it. Favorite track: Deceit.
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DeafestChase The atmosphere and music created by the album are fantastic. If that wasn't good enough, the messages are great as well. Just check out the info tab on each song.
The black metal is definitely raw, pissed off, and old school. Excellent stuff.
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The Kingdom 06:20
Welcome to solitude From the world below, the rats in their cage Dream of a sky that they've never seen They claw at their brothers Devour their kin in accordance to prayers Justified homicide. No exception or exclusion Innate characteristics Justified genocide The war that looms will paint the ground Stain it with red shades and flesh compounds Nothing to answer their prayers The right hand of God will sort out the dead Souls will be pleading and tears will be shed Forgiveness and honour they will be said They will be shed In the mountains In the sea In the freezing cold to honor thee Silence, utter silence In the end The flames of the sun burn out You pray though death won't come Release your soul to the Astral Sea In the end Mortals behave like dogs Power hungry wolves take the throne No one will remember you Earth wouldn't set you in stone.
Exodus 03:16
They walk the narrow trail Hunters of life and all that is bane Even the angels can see Hell isn't even hot enough for thee Strangle the poisonous wretches Cut their throats and slay their kin Make them suffer Don the black hoods Our work here is done Force them to their burrows Force them to the sea Victorious feet Trampled flags of valour There is no honour in death
Deceit 04:09
This lake, my resting place, mine.. These fields, my solitude, my ground This tree, with markings of the past I long forgot about Our gracious gift now buried in smoke, Beg for it to live Beg, end, the venom Beg, end, the rain that flooded our lands From the fire below, the snakes and their prey Die Wiped out in spite from Lucifer's wrath In the church we pray, war won't be seen Pray for peace that won't ever be Lasting armistice, cold war lies Towers of rulers reach the skies They placed their foot on the moon Luna and Sol spites the sapient fool Human extinction, nuclear waste Black skies will dominate the human race Go in the evening my sons Go and rewrite what has been done Take force to rewrite a wrong Show me that this war can be won
Woodlands hide, the scorn, the sorrow But no darkness reigns without a light to be seen It shines from the belly of the beast, the heart of the snake It's freedom has been justly guaranteed And the eyes will be left horrified A forest with brush so thick Moon light struggles to get through You walk the narrow path Of despair and self-loathing confinements Putrid snake that inhabits my chest Tear you out to show those fools in denial Watch their light commence. Their days commence and become null The trees won't hide their screams For predators will be in pursuit In the name of the devil, the heavens below He shall be free, he shall know your name His hooves burn his tracks into the ground You will tremble. You will run. Resist and be annihilated Your heart will be stopped I'll be lost to his name Your heart will be stopped You'll forget my name My name is death My name is literal truth
In the nether, the dragons keep Our stonework, the art of destruction Bastardized attempts at feeding vice Horrific implications. Stone age massacres. Nuclear holocaust, God's will shall be done Through the ice Through the flames War torn horizons, apocalyptic visions I dream of destruction. Untold wars. Man will gnaw the bodies of their kin Flesh will become the delicacy of the savage Till we are no more
Terra 04:24
I weep for the Mother The pain, sprouted from a disease Disease known as homo sapiens Her wrath knows no boundaries Defiled institutions, the heads of our leaders Stand facing Eastward towards the sun Nothing will stop the rays from baking the flesh Cold hearted punishment, warm fresh meat I weep for our Mother Our torture, sadistic and true We warned ourselves on what is right Today we see things through Nowhere will she feel safe anymore Forest featured beaten to death by a club to the head Kill our animals. Spare the human. The rod screams for blood and man is not enough
---------- I will move mountains I will move the earth I am the messiah


A sloppy production for fans of sloppy black metal...

Aftermath started off as a collaboration project that soon made it's way into a purely solo effort. These songs were written in the late fall of 2013 and recorded multiple times until the final versions were done in January. All of them reflect my hatred of the world and how I wish for it or myself to be draped in fire on some days.

Times can be dark but what we do with that darkness is within our own decisions. This release is in support of those who fight against all forms of oppression through any and all means necessary no matter how difficult their actions may be. There lies an undercurrent of human society that realizes change cannot be done through voting in faulty "democratic" systems or from remaining pacified. Change has and will always be a perpetual effect on our complex societies. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise.

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The Rotem Records release features a remastered album and exclusive tracks. Limited to 25 copies so grab it while you can.

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released March 13, 2014

All instruments, writing, lyrics, production, etc - Preston L.

Special thanks to Dael, Ivan, and Dylan for helping out with the drums. I'll be sure to perform tighter next time.

I'm in eternal debt to those who help me through the dark times and to those in typically marginalized communities that inspire me on a regular basis.


all rights reserved



Rampancy London, Ontario

"Every society you build will have its fringes, and on the fringes
of every society, heroic and restless vagabonds will wander, with
their wild and virgin thoughts, only able to live by preparing ever
new and terrible outbreaks of rebellion!"


Formerly Anti-Freeze (2009-2016)

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